About myGloves*

myGloves* are unique gloves made for you - the modern technoisseur. Being out in the cold doesn't mean being out of touch anymore. myGloves* are designed to keep your hands warm while you use your iPhone, iPod, iPad or any other touchscreen / trackpad-enabled smartphone or laptop. Never miss another call on your iPhone while fumbling around trying to take off your old gloves. myGloves* comes to the rescue by incorporating special conductive patches into the thumb, index and middle fingertips enabling you to update your status or tweet to your heart's desire on whatever device you use to stay connected. Each model also features a themed collectible print created exclusively to make a bold fashion statement.
So myGloves* keeps your hands comfortable, lets you stay on your iPhone AND makes agreat fashionable conversation starter – what more could you ask for? Please visit our online store today.

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